How Does a Safety Program Help Employers & Employees?

Workplace safety and health management programs reduce the severity of work-related injuries. This means employers save on costly injuries and illnesses. In fact, an effective workplace safety program saves $4 for every dollar spent! These programs also boost morale and increase productivity.

Implemented by Field Experts

Our industry experts have extensive real-world experience. You can outsource your safety training to our team for a fraction of the cost of running it in-house at your company. Contact us for a safety consultation, inspection, or to discuss the benefits of outsourced risk management.

Save Money on Insurance

Our workplace safety programs, and OSHA compliance training classes help reduce your insurance premiums. How so? With fewer injuries, your claim payment history lowers. As this lowers, your workman’s compensation payments lower too.


Need help qualifying to work? We manage these platforms.

ReSolve Provides ISNetworld, Avetta, and PEC Data Management

ISNetworld®, PEC Premier, and Avetta are 3rd party contractor management systems that operators use to prequalify contractors and vendors. These platforms allow operators to review and verify your insurance, workers’ comp, safety training, and overall safety programs. Make sure you are qualified and ready to work for the operators by utilizing these systems.

The qualification process can be time-consuming and complex. ReSolve makes it easy by handling the work for you. Whether you are opening a new account, need assistance setting up an account or maintaining your existing account with ISNetworld®, PEC Premier, or Avetta, we can help. We will administer and upload your questionnaires, insurance and training certificates, written programs, and documentation so your company can be eligible to work. We can even provide training that is required.

Contact us today to get set up and qualified to work.

Ready to save on insurance & have a safe workplace? See how we can help.

Our Workplace Safety Programs Include...


Return To Work Program

A Return to Work program plans ahead for when your workers may suffer an injury or illness. How will workers return in a temporary, limited, or light duty capacity while they recover? We help you figure this out so you’re not caught unaware.


Underwriting Assessment

Need help with underwriting or risk assessment? Our skilled underwriting team follows best practices—built on a thorough understanding of risk assessment, analysis, and pricing.


Employee Safety Trainings

Workplace safety training gives your employees the skills and knowledge they need to protect themselves against injuries and death. It also protects your equipment and facilities. Boost productivity & reduces costs to your organization.


Accident Investigation

Accident investigation determines the root causes of accidents. Find out why on-the-job injuries, property damage, and close calls happen. This is invaluable to prevent them from occurring again.


Policy Development

The process of developing policy involves understanding your business in depth, performing research, analyzing your organization, and synthesizing large volumes of information. Need help? Reach out to our team of experts.


Audit & Inspection

Need an outside party to audit your organization to provide invaluable feedback? We can perform inspections and examinations of your organization, systems, process, projects or products.

Q & A

How can I lower my e-mod rating?

A sound safety program, a return to work plan and loss prevention procedures will lower your e-mod. This is crucial to helping you effectively manage your workers compensation cost. The following example compares two companies who perform the same service and employ the same number of workers.

Company A:

Company A has a strong safety program, a good claim history, and therefore a low e-mod. Company A has an e-mod of .85, which results in a 15% discount on their workers compensation premium compared to other companies in the same industry. Because Company A has a credit e-mod, the company only pays $0.85 for every dollar of coverage received.

Company B:

Company B has an inadequate safety program, a large number of claims/losses, and a high e-mod factor. Company B has an e-mod of 1.25. Company B pays 25% more for their workers compensation insurance than other companies in the same industry classification. For every dollar of insurance coverage received, Company B will pay $1.25.

How does Risk Management and Safety Planning Affect Cash Flow?

One of the most important investments you can make in your business is creating a business plan which includes risk management. Identifying risk will impact your ability to continue business and obtain financial growth. Minimizing and controlling the effects of risks can improve and maintain business cash flow. The continuation of cash flow creates stability for your business. Mitigated risks leads to better cash flow and greater stability. Greater stability will mean your company will last into the future. The rewards of risk management are all linked together: good cash flow leads to stability, which leads to good credit, which leads to longevity.