Distracted Driving Kills!

Every DAY in the United States, 9 people die and 1,000 people are injured in crashes involving distracted driving. Distracted drivers are more likely than all other drivers to have a near collision, fail to stop at an intersection and exceed the speed limit. All of these increase the likelihood of an accident.

Did you know? Driving 55 mph, and you take your eyes off the road for 5 seconds, you’ve traveled the length of a football field. No wonder accidents are happening at such high rates.

There are 3 types of distractions:

  1. VISUAL which is anything that takes your EYES OFF of the road.
    • Phone: GPS, Texts, music apps
    • Passengers
    • Rubbernecking
  1. MANUAL which is anything that requires you to take your HANDS OFF the wheel.
    • Reaching for something in the car
    • Adjusting radio/music apps
    • Eating and drinking
  1. COGNITIVE which is anything that takes your FOCUS OFF your driving.
    • Talking on the phone or to passengers
    • Daydreaming

Why is texting so dangerous?

Texting is all 3 types of distractions. The drivers eyes are off the road, hands are off the wheel to hold the phone and mind is off the road, paying attention to the conversation.

How do we prevent accidents?

To prevent distracted driving and reduce the risk for an accident, do the following:

  • Make adjustments before driving: controls, programming, music, mirrors
  • Do not reach to pick up items including falling objects while driving
  • Focus on the driving environment
  • Don’t use your cell phone or an electronic driving: calling, texting, GPS, email
  • Pull over in a safe location to call, email, text or look for directions

When you are driving, you should be focused only on one task—driving. And always wear your seatbelt. 

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