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Inspections – “Workplace Necessity”

Inspections. We are all told to do them no matter what industry we are in. And it is very easy to be complacent but as we have seen from recent incidents, such as the engine blow out on Southwest Airlines, inspections are of vital importance. Safety inspections can serve a greater purpose than simply meeting […]

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How Do You Talk About Safety…

Everyone is at risk of distraction, complacency or an injury-inducing error. In many cases, someone sees the unsafe behavior or hazardous condition before an accident occurs, so the accident could have been prevented if someone had intervened. Intervention requires a conversation. So how do you talk about safety… We know safety is important. Our safety, […]

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When OSHA Comes Knocking…

At some point, OSHA will come knocking to audit your facility. Are you prepared? Many companies create safety plans and programs but do little beyond that. A plan sitting on a shelf doesn’t do much to ensure safety. This is why many regulations require companies and facilities to routinely review their plans and ensure business […]

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