Did you know that several recent studies have found that there are 4 million work related injuries that are reported each year? Why is this number so daunting? Mainly because employers will face fines and even a possibility of a lawsuit if working conditions are not up to code, or they lack a workplace safety program. What’s even more shocking is all employers are mandated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to post “workplace safety guidelines” that is visible to its employees.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration establishes guidelines and policies in which it enforces businesses to comply. These guidelines and policies ensure that workplaces remain free of any hazards or injuries. Even with these enforced guidelines from the OSHA, there are still 4 million reported work-related injuries being reported each year.

Several reports suggest that companies who implement a Workplace Safety Training program are less likely to have work-related injuries due to hazards. There are several tactics on how companies can build and implement a workplace safety program:

• Commit to workplace safety: It is important to not only have your executive leadership and management on board with workplace safety, but also employees. All employees should be mandated to adhere to safety related policies and protocols.

• Identify hazards and assess risks: By law, employers are required to protect its employees by a reasonable means of practicality. Supervisors and managers should be strongly encouraged or required to talk to their employees about the possible hazards or risks that will be associated with the job within the first 10 days of hire.

• Develop written programs and processes: Employers should list and clearly outline safety training and hazard protocols in their employees’ job descriptions. Other programs and processes can be developed as a Hazard Communication Program, Emergency Actions Plans or a Fire Prevention Plan.

• Educate employees: Studies have proved that employees who are more knowledgeable about the hazards and risks associated with their job are less likely to be injured on the job compared to those who are not. OSHA requires employers to provide safety related training to its employees and has developed training guidelines to further equip employers with the tools they need to provide accurate information.

Some sample workplace safety programs your company could benefit from having includes:

• Forklift Operator Checklist
• Ground Ladder Test
• Qualitative Respirator Fit Test
• General Respiratory Plan
• Hazard Communication Plan
• Chain Sling Inspection Form
• Chemical Hygiene Plan
• Fire Prevention Plans
• Crane Inspection Form

If your company would like further information on how to develop and implement a workplace safety training program please contact us, info@resolveok.com or click here for more info.

9 thoughts on “How to Implement A Workplace Safety Program

  1. It’s really helpful how you mentioned that employees who know about the potential risks of the workplace are less likely to be injured while working. Having some kind of a health and safety course for your employees to go through would be really helpful. That way they will be much safer in the workplace and they can help keep other people safe as well.

    1. True. Education and training can make a world of difference for employees, helping them to be aware of the hazards and potentially avoid them.

  2. I never knew that it was required for employers to provide safety training. My husband recently opened up a construction business and is wanting to make sure his employees can always be safe. I’ll make sure to pass this information along to him so he can look into having his employees take a safety training course.

  3. I love what you said about committing to workplace safety. Taking a training course is a great idea. My friend wants to take such a course for his job.

  4. It makes sense that companies who have workplace safety training are less likely to have work-related injuries because they’ve been taught how to avoid them. I’m going to be doing safety training for my job soon. I’m curious though, how many industries does OSHA affect?

    1. Absolutely. Training is vital to preparing and protecting workers from hazards on the job.
      OSHA affects all industries in the U.S., specifically companies with more than ten employees.

    2. OSHA mainly affects construction, agriculture, federal, oil and gas, maritime and healthcare industries; Any company with greater than 10 employees.

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