How is the cost of safety training affecting your business? In 2013, organizations spent an average of $1,208 per employee on training and development. Truth be told, there are many factors that influence this number for companies. Size and the industry in which it operates are two significant influencers. Smaller organizations with fewer than 500 employees spent on average $1,888 per employee, while midsize to larger companies spend around $838. Then once you take in consideration the training service provider the cost margin can differ drastically! This leaves an important question. In a world where businesses are looking for a more standardized way of operating, why doesn’t safety fit that mold, or does it? All companies have unique needs and challenges that their learning function will need to address. How they do so and will impact how they survive as a business. Just as company size and industry affect the expenditure per employee, the types of training offered and methods of delivering training also have an impact.

When you talk to most company owners and managers they will tell you when it comes to employee safety training compliance the biggest challenges they see are turnover, logistics of training, and cost. Reason being, these are the hardest things to control. Employees come and go, when, where and who to facilitate trainings can take up to three hours of the workday, then finding a cost that is within your budget is a whole other task in itself. Think of the affect that it would have on a company if you could know where your safety service was coming from (a reputable source), and you paid a predetermined cost for that service that didn’t change. No more spending extra money for training new employees when old employees leave, or having to deal with cost fluctuation because of the training discipline that’s required due to the industry you operate in.

Lets face it, we all know safety training is important right? Smart companies save thousands of dollars annually on insurance discounts, avoided fines, lawsuits, and reduced risk because of good safety training programs. Unfortunately, the path to this can be an obstacle, especially for small and medium sized companies. That’s where ReSolve has provided the answer, we develop tailored safety-training packages that fit your business model and budget. ReSolve provides affordable safety training rates for your company on a fixed monthly cost, as well as a online reoccurring calendar for you to manage your company’s safety trainings for your employees as needed.

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